Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting TETA Accreditation: Unit Standards 12484. Perform basic firefighting. PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard are required by people in […]

Material Handling

Material Handling CETA Accreditation: Unit Standards 12484. PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD Persons credited with this unit standard will be able to monitor, report and advise on the application of […]

Working At Heights

Working At Heights CETA Accreditation: Unit Standards 229995 and 229998. This training programme is designed for both novice and experienced learners who may be expected to work at height while […]

Confined Space

CETA Accreditation. Unit Standard: 15034. Many workplaces contain areas that are considered “confined spaces” because while they are not necessarily designed for people, they are large enough for workers to […]

Fall Protection Planner

CETA Accreditation. Unit Standards: 229994. This training program is designed for both novice and experienced learners who may be expected to assess a worksite for work at height and prepare […]

Hazardous Material

CETA Accreditation. Unit Standard 120370. Performing any activity or task in the modern workplace involves, to some extent, the use and application of materials and substances. Many of the substances […]

Permit To Work

CETA Accreditation. Unit Standards:120316 & 120359. A work permit system is a formal written system used to control certain types of work that are potential hazardous. The work permit is […]