CETA Accreditation. Unit Standards:120316 & 120359.

A work permit system is a formal written system used to control certain types of work that are potential hazardous. The work permit is a document which specifies the work to be done and the precautions to be taken. Work permits form an essential part of safe systems of work for many maintenance activities.

It allows work to start after safe procedures have been defined and they provide a clear record that all foreseeable hazards have been considered.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with knowledge regarding the requirements of a work permit and the use there of to safely perform maintenance activities and any other task that requires a work permit in the workplace.

Course Outcomes and Objectives:

  1. Have an overview of work permit systems by:
  • Discussing the intention of a work permit system.
  • Interpreting the reasons for issuing a work permit.
  • Realising the objectives / functions and features of a work permit system.


2. Interpret the development of work permit systems by:

  • Interpreting the considerations in developing a work permit system.
  • Comprehending work permit information.
  • Discussing the roles and responsibilities in developing a work permit system.


3. Adhere to work permit process by:

  • Interpreting the steps in the work permit process.
  • Comprehending the review and analysis of the work permit.
  • Discussing the training requirements and records to be kept of work permits.