Your all in One Business, Risk & QHSE management system

Genie is a system designed for a fresh approach to productivity, SHEQ and Business Management together. Genie is the next step in the growth of SHEQ, merging team collaboration with corporate productivity.  

You can now handle all of your work in one location thanks to Genie power. Dynamic and simple to adapt to each user’s demands, Genie is! 

Our solution saves time by minimizing paperwork and assisting your business in being more successful as well as productive with Risk Management by assisting you to Declutter and Centralise SHEQ & Business  Management Systems.

Genie provides you with  Insight into the day-to-day running of your Integrated Management System, by furnishing you  with a Cloud based Software Solution that has been Innovated to Streamline and Enhance not only your Health and Safety operations, but your entire enterprise!

Genie is not only for SHEQ operations. Genie allows you to collaborate with your clients remotely and real time. 

Genie protects yur information and your client information. With Genie not only can you collaborate quickly, you do so in confidence and privacy. 

Genie …..Protect your most valuable assets by Lowering Risk and Decreasing incidents whilst gaining real-time insight into your SHEQ and BUSINESS operations.

Genie is also secure with Cloudflare

With Genie you get what you always wished for


Genie allows smart Integration for all your QHSE and businesscompliance Genie is your one suite solution

Smart Compliance

Genie allows You to manage all your QHSE and Business compliance in a smart efficient manner.


With Genie - you have a Centralised Information Accessible from any modern device anywhere in this world. Real time data and updates Keeping you informed With Genie you informed of what is happening all the time

Mobile Management

With Genie - Managing your SHERQ division is not limited to your office. Then why should your Management System be? Work whenever you want, wherever you are. With support on all the latest web browsers and availabke as a APP on your smart device, Genie makes SHEQ management just an internet connection away!

The power Genie gives you

Document Management

Let Genie help you ease your document control process and ensuring employees are using the most current versions.

Genie also keeps your information private and secure.

Maintain one controlled copy of each document.
Easily change documentation.
Easily perform updates and make the new document available to all users.
Access all documentation from any computer.
Upload files and links to websites.

All data in secure, with strict user access and security.



Risk Management

Manage your risks and improve your performance with Genie.

Online risk identification, tracking and management are all possible with Genie. Have a Risk Register easily accessible at your convenience.


Process Flow Diagrams

Visualize your company's operations with flowcharts.

The simplest way to create any form of flowchart or diagram illustrating a process by using Genie. For further, display a line graph, bar graph, or pie chart can be used.  


Legal Register

With Genie you can avoid unnecessary risk. Make use of the legal register made available to you on hand and take care of all your compliances. 

Genie provides a thorough legal register that guarantees all users adhere to compliance standards, enhance your company's value, and uphold its integrity.


Training Management

Within a single platform, Genie enables you to plan, organize, deliver, and manage training courses. 

Our vast international involvement has equipped us with significant skills and competence, enabling us to provide you with a world class solution (Genie) to simplify your world.


Meeting Management

With Genie there will be no more neglected tasks. Any required action can be scheduled using Genie.

You may organize any kind of event using Genie. You can record every event in a history. You can rest easy knowing that the system is constantly monitored and controlled.  


Incident Management

Be able to understand the underlying causes and implement preventative measures.

Using Genie, you can effectively record and look into incidents instantaneously. Any time during an investigation, add supporting documents and keep track of the progress of your investigation. 


Inspections And Auditing

It is simple to conduct inspections and audits with Genie.

Formulate your own forms for inspections and audits. Depending on the location and task. Administrators are informed of the status of occurrences. 



Corrective Actions

Respond to incidents promptly. Find procedures to follow to correct or alter a process that results in incidents with Genie.

Maintain corporate operations as necessary. With Genie you have business documentation and procedures, and risk modules on hand. Report and track problems with Genie.


The Genie's magic touch when you need

Genie has a dedicated support team that is always ready to assist you when you need help.
Tell us what you wish from Genie by sending us an email on Genie Help